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Rescue and Hospice Care

Doggy Has Soul Sanctuary

Since before Doggy Has It was started, Anja has been an advocate for misplaced, homeless and senior dogs.

Over 4 million dogs die in shelters in the United States due to overcrowding. These are not second class dogs, on the contrary they are wiser and appreciate a warm bed like no other.

In 2021 one of Anja’s clients opened his home to fostering puppies. That year she pulled 9 puppies out of a kill shelter in Texas and found them great homes.

In 2022, with lots of people going back to work, there are no foster homes available. Anja, while still doing hospice care on her homestead, has now found a new passion which is trying to end suffering of homeless street dogs on Aruba. She helps the rescues there with fundraising, bringing necessary dog and cat items that cannot be purchased on the island and stepping up with co-payments so pet owners get their dogs spayed or neutered.

(Hospice is caring for dogs considered too old to adopt out and caring for them until they pass.)

Additionally, Anja specifically looks for senior dogs that no other rescues show an interest in. Those are the type of dogs she accepts into her senior hospice care program and they are not signed up with any rescues, nor are they available for adoption. Anja pays all their food and medical needs ( which for senior dogs can climb high rather quickly) out of her own pocket and depends on donations. The more donations she gets, the more dogs she can help. These senior dogs stay with Anja until the day the rainbow bridge calls for them.
If you can find it in your heart to help Anja with her endless efforts please share this link on your social media with your friends.

No donation amount is to small: Senior Hospice Care For Dogs

"That a dog was my dearest, oh God, you say is a sin, my dog is loyal in the storm, human beings not even in the wind. - St Francis of Assisi

Busta kick started Anja with senior hospice care in 2002.

A Few Rescue Stories

Image PJ
Owner surrender since he worked too much, had dog on Prozak instead of walking the dog.
Image Lady
Lady was the first senior candidate of the program. Given up at the age of 13 and believed to unadoptable at that age, she found her new home with Anja. Lady came severly sick from Animal Control, but after overhearing the vet say that she should be euthanized, she pulled herself up and lived another beautfiful 18 months.
Image Lady II
Owner surrendered and on kill list the week Anja pulled her. One of the easiest to introduce to her household.
Image Titan
One of her customers' dogs. Owner got pregnant and was no longer able to care for Titan.
Image Ruby
Abandoned in an apartment, found over 20 lbs underweight by landlord rescued from Chicago Animal Control.
Image Josie
Rescued from Chicago Animal Control, came in as a stray with a broken jaw.
Image Brownie
You think dogs are fine in a shelter than look at this face. Brownie could not handle the shelter stress and started shutting down. He was like a new dog once he realized that his shelter days were over. Very goofy and happy dog once he came out of his shell!
Image Oso
Oso was given up since his owner had to move into assisted living. On the older side, no rescue was really showing an interest in him. Oso came with some behavior challenges, being hardheaded to be the first. However his goofy sense of humor always made up for his bad decisions. Amazing dog that was the hardest for me this far to let go, but he has found a fantastic home.
Image Old Man
Old Man came from another state where there was no Animal Control. The owner of a place taking on dogs like him had fallen in and all dogs needed to be placed or they would have been put to sleep. Old Man had never lived inside a house. He was so scared that it took him a week to voluntarily leave the cage, but only to roam. Accepting human contact came much later.